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Cultural Diversity Creates Energy

Have you asked yourself the question why your deal in France did not get through, despite the fact that you prepared yourself in detail and your prices were very competitive? Or that you left a meetingroom in Japan, thinking you got the agreement to go ahead with your project and found out later on that your Japanese customer meant by his smile and “maybe” a rejection. How can you avoid blunders? How can you avoid mistrust? How can you improve your Cultural Intelligence?

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Methodology: Model of Freedom

The tool Model of Freedom will help you to overcome the obstacles which you will come across in the international business arena or in international teams. The Model-of-Freedom contains four dimensions in which all national and organizational cultures can be categorized. The value of the model lies not in the categorization itself but how it allows us to visualize the differences between cultures. Learn more about the Model of Freedom.

Benefits For Your Employees

  • Improve ability to distinguish between personal and cultural behavior
  • Raise awareness of the impact of cultural differences on effective cooperation
  • Gain insights in the ways to bridge and reconcile cultural differences
  • Gain practical advice and lessons on cross cultural management to improve work situations in daily life

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Understanding Cultures is Critical To Success

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