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Client Testimonials

Feedback from previous projects

“Frieda is a professional trainer in cultural awareness. She has long working experience as well in multinational and multicultural environment. She showed me, where do we come from and how the traditions and culture from our home country influence our behavior and working relations. We do not realise that and is very important nowadays, when we are dealing with people from many continents. We need to know how to treat people from different countries, what they expect from the boss and collegues, how to avoid misunderstanding and tention in business. She showed me the way how to react and survive in difficult situations, how to deal with Asian people, which is very different for Europeans. I am very gratefull for her help and knowledge. She is also a great and friendly person, with sense of humour. I am glad I met her on my way as she saved me from the troubles.”

Jolanta Wieclawska


“Excellent tool for Professional and Private life. I received the Cross Cultural Awareness training with the “Model of Freedom” as support. Even though I was already working in an international environment and took couple of trainings, this course was an eye opener for me. Through the session, I acquired a clear insight and understanding of the cultural characteristics versus the personal characteristics. Even though this course took place more than five years ago, still now it is helping me in my daily work and leading the international teams I am working with”

M.H. Casals

Fortune 500 Company

“Frieda has a wealth of multi cultural experience across the EMEA markets. She is extremely passionate about her work and brings many years of expertise and global understanding of the many challenges companies and individuals face. She has helped many corporates/ clients to successfully do business and work more efficiently & effectively in a complex business environment. I would highly recommend Ponte Cultura/ Frieda!”

Nita Patel

Canon Europa N.V.

“Through my more than 20 years career in international business environment, I have been to several “Cultural Training Programs” and when I first heard of PonteCultura, I thought this would be one of those “Do’s and Don’t’s” lists with slight variations from the previous ones I’d come across before. To my surprise it was far from my original expectations – Frieda Kruiderink had us all involved in a self-assessment process showing us different views and angles at ourselves, at our beliefs and perceptions of the world around us. For me it was like having a unique chance to see my inner-self with a mirror, with magnifying glass, and get it all explained why I do act and react in a certain way when communicating with people of different nationalities. Having worked in groups, consisting sometimes of more than 20+ nationalities, I have learned certain things the hard way, by making mistakes trying to tune in to the wrong communication frequencies and picking up the wrong tones. Now, with Frieda’s Cultural Awareness tool and her great insight, by the way based on more than 40 years out there in the highly diverse markets across Europe, Middle East and Africa, I had an opportunity to get a System Approach to all major aspects while dealing with great variety of people of different cultural backgrounds.”

Tagir Fazullin

Canon Europa N.V.

“Frieda Kruiderink combines her rich cultural experience with powerful theories. Therefore the importance of organizational culture and individual culture become susceptible. With great enthusiasm and pride she shares her knowledge and passion to the participants on a practical way to be used at all levels in the organization. Every day I can use the knowledge I have gained during the training which increases my effectiveness, fun and the result of work.”

M. Fietjé

Canon Ltd.

“I work with people from all kinds of nationalities, and found Ponte Cultura’s approach very practical in enabling me to understand the reactions of my business contacts from different cultures. The beginning is a personal cultural assessment, which is a simple test in itself and gives you a good overview of your own cultural style: but Frieda Kruiderink gives insight into what the outcome means for the way I work, how others may interpret what I say and do, and how I can adjust when working with different cultures. Most of all, the training is very practical, as she gives real examples of real business situations that I can relate to. Her training is based on some solid and practical models and tools, as well as many years of international business experience – a pretty rare combination! Highly recommended.”

David Beckett

Best 3 Minutes

“Frieda-san knows Japanese characteristic with the background and history why / how Japanese unique character have been made. Based on this knowledge, she has given us (Japanese) fruitful advise how we should work with non Japanese people. I would not have been able to survive in both company and private life here in Netherlands for 9 years.”

Shinji Mine

Former Colleague