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Bridging Cultures. Empowering People

Understanding cultural differences leads to effective communication and action

Corporate Culture Scan (CCS)

Organizational culture determines the preferred styles when communicating, meeting, decision making, leading and cooperating. Department, unit and team cultures are strongly influenced by the organizational culture but may have quite distinct features, depending on their function in the organization.

In any change process culture plays a role. Be it in a strategy change, the implementation of SAP or a quality system like 6 Sigma. Most salient examples of the important role of culture are however found in M&A (Merger & Acquisition) processes and post merger integration processes.

With the CCS, an online tool, we can measure the perceived current culture in order to develop manageable cultural change processes. In joint ventures we can measure the cultures of the partners and conclude on what is needed to fully utilize the expected synergies, or to avoid disturbing processes that may lead to distrust and even failure of the venture. In a later stage of an M&A process the CCS can be used for a cultural due diligence, facilitating the integration of departments and reporting to the management team on preferred (effective) management styles.