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Bridging Cultures. Empowering People

Understanding cultural differences leads to effective communication and action

Applied Cultural Intelligence (ACI)

The ACI is an online tool, which assesses awareness of the influence of culture in an international business environment. It can be used to assess perceptions of an individual or a team on the impact of culture on key issues such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

The ACI is an online questionnaire of 20 questions. We score the cultural intelligence of participants on a scale from 0 to 40. The scores are then interpreted and the HR professional receives a report with the feedback of our findings. The HR-professional can evaluate the potential to enhance performance and define the exact focus for a need to develop cultural intelligence in the organization.

The ACI can also serve as an add-on to Cross Cultural Awareness Workshops, both pre-workshop as a starting point for the learning process or post-workshop to evaluate the impact of the learning process.